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    BIAero,PTE, May10, 2017

    BIAero, LLc has now opened its branch office BIAero, PTE in Singapore, located at the Regional Airport Complex in JTC Aviation Two on West Camp Road. The JTC location will be a full service distribution point for PW100, PW150 and APU APs 3200 for the Airbus A320. Contacts are currently thorgh the USAA office in Warren, NJ while staffing the facility in Singapore.,


    Rufus Aviation Fund Partnership

    In February 2016, BIAero partnered with Rufus Aviation Fund, RAF. RAF, BIAero’s investment partner was established to increase investment in the aviation aftermarket. BIAero manages the fund’s physical assets similarly to that of a hedge fund manager; rather than traditional hedge funds that typically manage financial products. Leaning on decades long experience and long term relationships the partnership allows BIAero to expand traditional aftermarket products, such as rotable exchanges, inventory leasing and component repair management. BIA manages 100% of all fuel nozzle exchanges on behalf of Rufus with a pool of rotable parts dedicated to the RAF pool. The RAF pool ensures customers of a robust supply that allows for immediate advance exchanges to effectively reduce repair Turn Around Time to zero. The partnership enhances BIAero’s ability to differentiate itself from its competition, increase supply, and meet the demands of the market.


    BIAero’s ASA Re-Accreditation

    BIAero, LLC and BIAero PTE LTD received their Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA) Re-Accreditation on March 22, 2017 after meeting the requirements of the ASA’s Quality System Standard “ASA-100” and FAA Advisory Circular 00-56B. BIAero has been a proud member of the ASA since 20…. We strive to provide great quality of service and knowledge in this industry of aviation parts supply in order to thrive, and better enhance it as a whole.