Exchange Pools

  • Current Exchange Components


    When a client/customer has a requirement for a long lead time repair, BIAero provides freshly overhauled components on exchange.

  • Clients

    Our clients include owners, operators, and repair facilities who have requirements for rapid exchange, particularly for high dollar and long lead times.

  • Process

    Upon a request from a customer for an exchange quote, BIAero will provide our customer with an exchange fee, core charge obligation and copy of current certs for the part to be shipped. BIAero will drop ship directly to an overhaul facility installing the component. In the case of an advance exchange, core charges or excess repair billings will generally be resolved within thirty days of the shipment of the original exchange component.

  • Outcome

    Fully certified and traceable parts will be supplied at costs below replacement costs available for embodiment when production requires them.