Fleet Management

  • Program

    As a full partner with our clients, BIAero provides expert, experienced overhaul and repair management of client owned engines. From the first estimate through to final invoice, payment and delivery, BIAero staff review, advise, provision parts and manage the repair process on behalf of our clients.

  • Clients

    Our clients include single aircraft owners with rare maintenance events up to Part 135 operators with as many as 100 engines with several events per month

  • Process

    BIAero will select an overhaul facility best suited for the client's engines. We have a broad range of OEM approved shops available. BIAero will open a work order with the MRO after an initial borescope inspection to approximate the potential range of costs, before the engine leaves the customer facility. After receipt of the engine at the MRO, the selected and teardown and inspection of the engine, the MRO facility will provide a written estimate before any repair work is started. BIAero reviews the estimate for potential unnecessary costs. Which will include SB's, part replacement rather than repair or exchange, correct list prices and discounts etc. After the initial review, BIAero will identify parts that can be replaced from the open market at costs that are lower than either the repair or replacement proposed by the MRO. After provisioning parts BIAero will manage the event to completion on terms that have been agreed to by both our client and the MRO.

  • Outcome

    Timely management of repairs and maintenance that will be reduced form the unmanaged original estimate from the MRO.